Hello, my name is Milo I am a Vizsla and am 1 and 3/4’s nearly 2! I saw my Mummy writing and thought I would too. When I see my Mummy with a suitcase I know its going to be fun because I know Caroline will be coming in her car. Sometimes I sit in the driving seat before she gets in. Daddy makes me sit behind bars in his car! I used to stay in other kennels, they were definitely not the 5 stars Mummy is always talking about but now I get to play with Josh and Thomas so I think Carolines must be at least 6 stars. My friend Lucy used to come as well but Mummy says Lucy is now in the pot of Forget me Nots in the garden. [Sometimes I really have to worry about Mummy and what she says]. Lucy was always frightened of everyone expect Mummy and Daddy but even Lucy was happy at Carolines, Lucy and me even went there for Christmas. So if your Mummy says you have to stay with Caroline don’t be frightened because its great fun Perhaps I will see you there.