Doggie Home from Home now offer a range of training including the following - puppy training classes, junior training classes, loose lead walking, recall and general obedience.

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With 10 years in the industry I am an IMDT, OCN and Pact trainer.

Doggie Home From Home offers a variety of solutions tailored to the individual needs of each dog and guardian. We build relationships, inject fun into training and shape the very best learners. We understand the science of how dogs learn and pledge to always train with kindness.

We have trained with IMDT, Open College Network & Pact so you can be confident that you are getting the most up-to-date, science-based ethical advice. Working closely with you to ensure that any training delivered targets your goals, and focuses on building a better relationship.

We offer in-person dog training packages covering the Derbyshire area, and can also help those further afield through the magic of online consultations. If you have a canine conundrum and you need a hand – just drop us a message!

Please note all our training is for basic obedience – we don’t offer a behavioural service.

Dog Training Classes to Book

Perfect Pupster Training Course

Perfect Pupster

6 Week Course – 1 Hour Sessions – £90

A class for you and your young puppy from the age of 16 weeks or at least one vaccination. Socialisation isn’t just about meeting other dogs its so much more than that. Get you and your puppy off to the best possible start in a fun and engaging way.

Action packed course with everything you need to for a super social, happy and confident dog. This course concentrates on socialisation skills, prevention of problem behaviours such as resource guarding and separation and begins to develop foundations needed for recall and loose leash walking.

Q&A at the end of every session to help with any puppy problems you might be facing.

Small class sizes to give you and your pup the best experience. No puppy too big no puppy too small.

Full support throughout attendance via a WhatsApp group chat for the class.

Perfect Juniors Training Course

Perfect Juniors

6 Week Course – 1 Hour Sessions – £90

This class is suitable for a follow on class from our puppy starts but also for any age of dog to develop those life skills needed to take your training with your dog to the next level. Also suitable for those with previous training.

Do you want your dog to focus on you rather than the environment and other dogs? Hugely focused on engagement with you to enable disengagement with the environment. Learn how to become the centre of your dogs world.

Come learn methods to help your dog ‘think’ and ‘choose” appropriate behaviours. Have fun while learning and enjoy those EUREKA moments with your dog.

This course covers everything from steadiness in the environment, heeling and lead work, impulse control, emergency stop, emergency recall, engagement with you and how to work in and around distractions.

Loose Lead Walking Training Course

Loose Lead Walking

4 Week Course – 1 Hour Sessions – £80

This is without doubt one of the hardest things to learn, which is why I break it down into small steps and easy-to-learn chunks.

The idea is to make pup WANT to be near you, and make good choices… Yanking, shouting, and special harnesses don’t work. So we focus on what does! That’s simple rules, and easy to follow instructions.

In the workshop we do the simpler areas of heelwork all the way up to speed changes, side selecting (commands to get our dog on our left or right) and some really important equipment and setup considerations to get us some easy wins.

Recall Training Course

Dog Recall

4 Week Course – 1 Hour Sessions – £80

Recall… That elusive beast! It’s one of the most important things we can teach our dog, and just like the loose lead, this is a two hour group training session where we focus on what the recall means to our dogs. We work in small easy to learn steps so we can teach them and look at what will really supercharge that recall.

This is one of the most easily fixed issues, and can be done with food, toys and just a little fun. We can add in emergency stops and have a lot of fun with our pups.

In this workshop, we also talk about why recalls fail, and what we can do to make them bombproof.

Dog Training Crash Courses

Crash Courses

2 Hour Session – £40

These are exactly as much fun as they sound. These are designed to give you a fun session that mixes a little of everything. We take some loose lead, recall, basic agility, focus and obedience work and give you a two hour session where we cram you full of cool ideas and fun things to do, while also preparing you with some real world skills. We do three levels of these: Basic, intermediate and advanced, where each level gives you more and more skills that are useful in all aspects of dog ownership.

First Time Dog Owner Training Course

First Time Dog Owner?

3 x 1 Hour Sessions £160
Additional Sessions £45

I will answer any questions you might have, before and after you bring your puppy home. I offer advice on:

The breed you’ve chosen; They all need a lot of time, care and attention and I can help you understand any special needs of the breed you choose.

How to puppy proof your home and your garden, helping to ensure the health and safety of your puppy as well as your prized possessions.

…And all the puppy basics: coming when called, enjoying the company of other dogs, walking on the lead, staying, not jumping up at visitors, in fact all the important and relevant lessons for a puppy to learn. I can be there to offer advice and follow up on potential issues such as chewing, toilet training, settling at night and the usual new owner issues we see on a regular basis.

I take great pride in setting up new puppies and owners with the foundation training essential to live a long and happy life together.

dog Trick Training

Trick Training

2 Hour Session £40

Find out how to get your dog to do high five, play bow, spin, tummy tickle, play dead, and any other tricks you are keen for your dogs to learn. Please note, we schedule this class when we have enough enquiries so please fill in our Contact Submission or email us to register interest and we’ll let you know when dates are available.

Rescue Dog Owner Prep

Rescue Dog Owner Prep

2 Hour Home Visit £80

Rescuing a dog can be a daunting prospect, and the settling-in process can feel overwhelming when you’re adopting a dog with an unknown history.

During this 2-hour home visit, we’ll help you understand how to settle in with your new furry friend and help them to overcome any issues and establish a positive start in their new forever home.

We’ll also ensure that you have all the essentials you need, discuss what to be prepared for, and be there to answer any concerns you may have.

1-2-1 Dog Training

1-2-1 Training

Block of 4 £150

All our dog training is 1-2-1 with you and your dog at your home and where you would normally go on a walk. We are convinced that this is a much more effective way of training your dog. We can deal with your specific problems with your dog and your specific training requirements. Some training cannot be achieved in a classroom with lots of other dogs who are more interested in playing with each other than listening or learning.