We are Toby and Charlie; we love having playdates and sleepovers with Aunty Caroline (we call her AC) and our doggy friends! We ride in her car (do you know she collects and returns us home?) we have fun walks and a fab day. We also had a whole week with her and she sent photos to Mum! Mum and Dad say things we don’t understand but you humans need to know ; they say she is flexible, and reliable and warm and friendly; they said something about trust too and excellent value. I heard Mummy say that she doesn’t know what she’d do without her (Mummy works from home and gets a thing called “stressed” but when we’ve been to ACs Mums happy that we are a thing called “tired out” – we don’t know what that is but we do know Mummy is happy and smiley then) Oh and we did hear Mummy say that we are so tired out that like Daddy we fall asleep on the sofa!!! We love her and can’t wait for our 2 weeks summer holiday with her. Yay!